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Amy Spicer
Sneaky goodness for the toddler

This product is amazing. My toddler and I have it in our smoothies daily. The taste isn’t strong which is perfect for fussy toddlers and nauseous pregnant mummas.
I love that it is packed with so many goodies.

Easy to consume superboost of nutrients

My 2YO loves it in a dash of juice (pink juice), in his yogurt or in smoothies. He even requests it!
I also enjoy alternative between this blend and the mother's blend. The added chamomile and elderberry is really supportive especially during winter. A slightly more mild/berry flavour than the mother's blend. Some weeks we have it daily and others we have a big serving every week or so, it's always nice knowing my son is getting a good boost of good stuff (we know what toddlers eating can be like sometimes!).

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