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Cleansing Chlorophyll Drops


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Love adding this to my water, slight minty flavour .

Natasha Berman
Love Love Love

Absolutely love this product. Looks stunning, but tastes really fresh. Incredibly happy with it. Always feel good taking chlorophyll! Product arrived quickly and in a beautiful package. Will be a return customer for sure.

Love the green drops

If I’m not having my chlorophyll it’s almost a given I’m not drinking enough water that day! Love the subtle flavour to the water and the benefits. I can tell in my body when I haven’t been having these. Partner + kids also have it most days too. She’s a winner :-)

All the goodness!

I didn’t expect to absolutely love my chlorophyll drops as much as I do!! It has such a subtle taste which I appreciate as I don’t like highly flavoured products. This product is super easy to introduce into my daily habits, add a drop to my glasses of water and bottles for outings. I found it helped with my bloating and believe it has supported my skin so much. I will definitely make sure Im always stocked up on my chlorophyll drops - not to mention my 4 year old offers this ‘special green drink’ to our guests to enjoy!!

Love the taste!

Pleasantly surprised at how much I love these drops! Very subtle peppermint taste but I'm so used to having it everyday in my water bottle that plain water tastes boring lol! Hubby has also taken up adding this into his daily water and my 6 year old has it "as a treat". We're already onto our second bottle. I have not been sick this winter and I believe my complexion/acne has improved since being on these cleansing drops. Highly recommend!

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