How to prepare delicious & creamy cacao at home

Transforming this solid pure cacao into a deliciously creamy hot cacao takes only a few simple steps.

The "quick" method we love to follow when preparing a nourishing vessel of 100% pure ceremonial cacao.


  • 2TBS pure cacao paste 
  • 3/4C hot water or milk of choice 
  • Blender (nutri bullet or stick blender etc)
  • Your fav cacao cup


DIRECTIONS PER SERVE (approx 200ml) // 

  • Roughly chop 2 heaped tablespoons of cacao pure (or break off 1-2 discs of The Cacao Club)
  • Add to the blender with hot water/milk and any extras 
  • Blend together for approx 5-10 seconds 
  • Pour into your favourite mug, take some silence holding your gorgeous cup of cacao and set an intention or hold gratitude. Use your senses; smell it, feel the warmth and take a sip feeling the sensations dancing on your lips and tongue. 
  • Enjoy this nourishing heart medicine x

Something to ponder // Would it feel goos for you to create a ritual around your cacao? Tap into your own inner wisdom and what bubbles up and feels good, allow it to fill your cup in more ways than one.

We love to chop up our cacao in advance, storing it in a jar for easy access when you're ready to make a brew (I like to infuse my intention during this stage, putting on some music that makes me feel good and saging the cacao). 

Please note: These directions are for a good "every day" serving. For a "Ceremonial Dose" weigh 40g cacao pure and add to 3/4 cup water. It is not recommended to have 40g if you are pregnant or on heart medication. 

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